Art Club

Art Club

Wilder 5th Grade Recess Art Club

'A Year of Taking Your Art Skills to the Next Level!'


2023-2024 5th Graders - Please email [email protected] if you would like to sign-up for this school year's Art Club.

This is an exciting and unique Wilder program designed for students who want to take their art expertise to the next level. Students will develop their abilities with advanced techniques that strengthen eye/hand skills as well as explore some of the big art concepts such as proportion/perspective/shadow work. Each class will build on the previous lesson culminating in a mounted masterpiece.

This class will be offered to the first ten 5th grade students who sign up, so sign up today!

  • The Art Club will include a $40 fee to cover the cost of art supplies as well as the matting of students' final pieces. However, do not let the fee stand in the way, scholarships are available! The class will include a curriculum focused on developing classical art skills, techniques and training. At the end of the year, students will be creating a masterpiece to be showcased in a special display exclusively for these 5th grade Art Club artists as well as the opportunity for them to teach at their very own art station (just like the teachers)!

Once the class roster has been finalized, we will send specific information home to our Art Club members.
We are very excited to offer this program to committed students who are ready to take the next step with
their artistic talents!

For more information please contact: Jennifer de la Port
Last year, Student masterpieces will be displayed in their own private display at Art Night!

There, the Art Club Artists will have their own exclusive station where they will teach the rest of the school techniques they learned through the year in Art Club. See pictures below.  We cap it all off with a well earned end of the year party!

Last updated on September 23, 2023