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Important Dates

  • February 22 - New Student Welcome Event
  • February 23 - Popcorn Friday
  • March 12 - Wilder Literacy Night
  • March 14 - Author Ellie Peterson Visit
  • March 29 - Glow Dance
  • April 18 - STEM Fair


Wilder Literacy Night

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 12th, 5pm-7pm to attend a Literacy Night at Brick and Mortar Books and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery in Redmond Town Center.

  • Each student that comes will get to enter the raffle
  • Wilder staff will be doing read alouds to anyone who comes to Brick and Mortar between 5-7pm.
  • 20% of sales at Brick and Mortar and at BJ’s Restaurant will go to Wilder’s Library.
  • Invite your friends and family to come.
  • Buy a book from your teacher’s wish list to donate to their classroom.
  • Buy a book from the author Ellie Peterson who will be coming to Wilder on March 14th.  If you use THIS LINK, she will sign your copy or wait to buy on March 12th at Brick and Mortar and 20% of the sales goes to the library.


Staff Favorites List

Looking for ideas to show the Wilder Staff how much you appreciate all they do for your students and the school? We have their Top 10 favorites here! Click here to look up their favorites

Math Challenge

This is an optional math enrichment extension to the Math Adventures program at Wilder.

To learn more, click here



Art Challenge

We are excited for this unique to Wilder Art curriculum that is taught during the students' lunch/recess period.

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Salmon Eggs have Arrived

Hundreds of Coho salmon eggs have arrived at Wilder. The students will get to watch our eggs grow and our Third Graders will help feed and take care of our salmon. To learn more, read here

Feature Wilder Students

We would love to highlight the accomplishments big and small of our Wilder students

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